Friday, September 6, 2013

Loneliness Wins

I wonder what this heart is trying to gain.
It locks me in this cage under the stairs.
There is a sign over the door that I can't read.
But I'm certain it says "loneliness".

There are whispers that shoot past my ears.
They say things they shouldn't say.
And even though I shouldn't listen to them,
I strain to make out the words.

And all I want is out. Out of the cage.
Out from under the stairs.
Away from the whispers falling
And filling my cage with fear.

But the harder I fight the more it hurts.
The more it hurts, the deeper I cry.
The deeper I cry, the further back people stand.
And the loneliness wins.

What are you trying to gain, untrusting heart?
You are pushing the world away
In your attempts to capture them all in the grip
Of your sweating hands.

Loneliness wins.

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