Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This Lonely Bed

This lonely bed.
Room for more.
Only one body.
Scattered sheets.
Empty pillow.
One lonely body.
Curled legs.
Aching spirit.
Lonely, lonely body.
Sleepy eyes.
Neon sign.
Tired lonely body.
Drift along.
Dream of two.
Tired, dreamy body.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Alarm

Wake up sleeping body, it's a new day.
Stretch your legs to the edge of the mattress
As a tingle of excitement runs through them.
Arch your back and lift your arms
Allowing the current to run freely through.

Good morning sleepy thoughts, reality awaits.
Smile when you remember it hasn't been a dream
And this day offers more of that conflict.
Sigh as you recall how good and unlikely
These events have turned out to be.

Hello, Bright Eyes, the sky is your candy.
Blink in the sunlit room of temporal comfort
While basking in the warmth of another sort.
See a world that doesn't belong to you
While embracing one that has been given to you.

A gift; a warmth; a dream come true.
A peace; a current; a gentle pull.

Wake up
sleepy dreamer,
happy lover,
silly schemer,
wake up.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gentle Haze

Gentle haze, sweep over my heart.
Your sweet smell and comforting warmth
is welcome here.

Centrifuge, separate this burden.
Your fast revolution has left me
breathless and thirsty.

Hot steam, saturate my pores.
Your clarity provides a peace
I can breathe deeply.

Sweet love, take all of my soul.
Your delicate touch transforms me
ferociously and I yield.

Yes, I yield to you, gentle haze.
Yes, I yield.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sweet Dissolution

This heart
Hand-laid of cobblestones;
Littered with falling leaves
Of a fiery hue.

Dampened with tears.
Cooled over time.
Dank, heavy, dense.

This heart
Built to withstand the ruts
Of a yielding foundation;
Designed to support
The trampling of hooves
And wooden spokes.

Unrelenting resistence.
Damaging the traveler.
Uneven, unaffected.

This heart
Slippery when wet;
Vulnerable when loved
So completely.

Grout of dissolution.
One rock at a time.
Persistent, incessant.

This heart
Disassembled gently
Of a tender determination;
Soaked in hot, wet tears
Of astonishment
And admiration.

Exposing the flesh
Radiating warmth
Beating, beating, beating.

This heart
Stripped, Revealed, Protected.

This heart
Trusting, trusting, trusting.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Being You

Thank you for wanting to love me.
Not the girl you think I might be.
But the girl that I am.
And thank you for knowing the difference.

Thank you for seeing the real me
And not painting me with your experiences

Thank you for taking the time and the effort
To understand the world from my perspective,
Even though we are so similar,
And for not making assumptions based on those.

Thank you for loving me completely,
with that open end for discovery.

Thank you for knowing that although you know me,
You will always have to explore me.
Thank you for learning why I do what I do.
And thank you for considering that important.

Thank you for getting it.
Thank you for being you.