Friday, May 17, 2013

Welcome to me

So high. So mighty.
Doing everything perfectly.
Never satisfied with second-best

I'm failing at everything
I disappoint myself everyday
And live in fear. I can't do this anymore.

Maybe I'm too much for you
Maybe I'm too much for me
Maybe I'm not enough of anything

No walls to keep me in
Makes the world a lonely place
When everyone else has boundaries.

Boxes they find comforting
Boxes I find suffocating
Escaping while everyone plays the game.

Rules and expectations to face
Gives new meaning to loneliness
When you're the one that's alone.

Fighting for a better me
Fighting for a better world
But am I the only one fighting?

Then what am I fighting for?
For you random cheers of encouragement
And your busy lives of justification.

They like to watch and say wow.
They wish they had the courage.
I wish I had their company.

But it doesn't matter what I receive
Because it will never be enough
Welcome to the water that pulls at your knees

Welcome to arrogance.
Welcome to self-destruction.
Welcome to me.