Friday, December 28, 2012

Purple Chaos

Fastened to the damp stone
Behind my head
Reaching for the tray
The more I fold
The harder you hold
Silently in purple chaos

Calmed by the dripping
Down my back
Closing my eyes
The more I try
The harder we cry
Silently in purple chaos

Filled by the dark air
Cooling my lungs
Raising my ribs
The more you sing
The deeper I breathe
Silently in purple chaos

Quieted with exhaustion
Across my face
Releasing the war
The less you show
The closer we grow
Silently in purple chaos

Buried with the madness
In the hot dirt
Calming my alarm
The less I resist
The sweeter we persist
Silently in purple chaos

Held loosely by your breath
Along my side
Soothed tightly
The longer we rest
The less significant the mess
Silently in purple chaos

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Magnetic Divide

perfect plinking
covered cold
and worn

stay connected
stay connected

my reality
your reality
or theirs?

protected with
societal expressions
of perpetual

my finger
your finger
covered cold
and worn.

so many miles
hope and strength
and home

the strings
of my soul

perfect plinking.

what do they want?
why do they
contact me?

they are not
my home

where is my home?
where is my heart?

lost to
the vapors
of sleep.

close your fears
dry your sighs
after rest
after rest

drift into the
sweet smile
of the man
I love

hold me still
let me sleep
and wake me
with a kiss

with a kiss
with a kiss