Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Half of the Sky

Venus sparkles in her splendid dance
And calls me to dance with her
She's bright and beautiful
In her own half of the sky.

The moon pulls me without a word
Across the sky he watches
Frowning at her beauty
Disapproving of her dance

How far apart they seem to be
One dancing. One watching.
Yet magnificent in their essence.
Each in their half of the sky.

She sings a happy song in solitude
How I envy her happiness
Her careless song and dance
In her own illusion of strength.

The full face of the moon shines on
Watching and disapproving
Pulling me away in his sorrow
In his own half of the sky.

He longs to be closer to her charm
And I join the frown of impatience
Of jealousy. Of discontent.
Longing to be closer again.

I fade in my solitude and silence
My shining face recedes to darkness
And she dances across my tears
In my own half of the sky

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