Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sleeping Alone

My heart has two homes, two homes
Four sets of hands that have it stol'n
Lucky I am to have more than I can
Ever return back in whole

But my home is not near, not near
Arms, hugs and laughter not here
Missing the faces as I sleep in strange places
That are held deep in my soul next to fear

Blessed to have loves I suppose, I suppose
Distance in time as it grows
Releasing the tears for just a few years
Imagining it all but alone.


Breaking in the absence of you
the warmth that folds us together
shatters into cold brittle aches

An ocean of dull throbbing
filling the space around these
piercing breaths of broken glass

Congested with static
and waves of fervency
resisting lucidity

Calm my brokenness
you are mine you say
no less far away

Sadness embraced
with the future
at our service

these lives of
our making

the map
to me