Saturday, September 14, 2013

Empty Drums

Hugs and kisses and sweet goodbyes
The noise is gone with their sweet faces
I'm left with the silent humming of the fan
And gentle drumming of my thoughts

Alone now. Truly alone.
There won't be any visitors or calls
I won't be interrupted or surprised
I can get on with my work now I suppose

But I sit here and look around
The empty room wilts in its splendor
Everything strategically adorable
And neatly undisturbed. Empty.

I close my eyes and lean my head back
Crying comes so easily in emptiness
I long to sleep, but I know I won't
So I busy myself with tasks instead

I miss them more this way
I wonder how long I'll sit silently
I wonder if the silence will change things
I wonder if I'll lose... if I'll be forgotten

I can't help but wonder as they drum
My thoughts. Loud and deliberate.
And I wish I could escape them
But they are my only comfort now

My only companion.

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