Friday, September 23, 2011

Teddy Bear 2

Your vacant eyes, teddy bear,
They stare into the depths
Of the breadth we breathe.

You're torn again, teddy bear
Too weak for your own sake
To be adored.

Your heart is too big, teddy bear,
It beats so loud
And disrupts the quiet air.

"Hush you, teddy bear,"
They whisper sternly filling
The empty space with scorn.

Your tender arms, teddy bear,
Always open; inviting;
Begging to be filled.

You're just a teddy bear.
Don't be so serious about
Your place on earth.

Remember this, teddy bear,
You will never heal the sick
Or be enough.

You are your own, teddy bear,
No one like you at all
For you to hold.

You were made, teddy bear,
To comfort, wipe the tears
And be discarded.

Go numb, teddy bear,
Let the sparkle fade away
And do your job.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

So Good

Syrup maple dripping licking
Lucky fella fraying sticking
Take it to the hillside slipping
Lovely moments lifting drifting

Taking me away in a breeze of content
Stringing me along in the winds of excitement

Tossing driving shaking smiling
Pushing stopping flipping piling
There's a rooftop burning crying
Ashes dust and realigning

Taking me away in a breeze of content
Stringing me along in the winds of excitement

Cutting deeper harder stronger
Struggling not any longer
Courses twisting bending honor
This is how we die in ponder

Taking me away, taking me away,
Taking m away in a breeze of content.

Stringing me along, stringing me along,
Stringing me along, in the winds of excitement.

Seeds of delight
Screams of insight

This is how we die in the winds of excitement.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


She's taken too much from me.
I can see it now.
Digging out the loose dirt.
To the edges of the earth.

She's expecting so much from me.
I don't want to let her down.
Clanging on the copper wall.
And feeling quite small.

She believes in me she says.
But what does that mean?
Tracing chases through the ground.
And up side down.

She will protect me she says.
And I wonder of she sees.
Through the darkness of the light.
And underneath the sky.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Filtered Hope

I lost something today.

Like a sparkling grain of sand... caught in the wind.
It would have been beautiful.

But it's already gone and all its hope,
With it.

I wish I could walk along with one foot on this path,
and one foot on that path, and make it work.

But I can't.

I have to choose.
And I've chosen.
And so have you.

And the sand spills between my fingers.
Probably spilling since the moment I scooped it into my hands.

Now lost.
And only I remain.

But that is all I can hope for.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Easy to hold
When I let go

Happy to remain
When I take. away. the chains.

Too many.

Losing what you want you can't hang on any longer
Letting go of the ones that don't matter
And striving for the ones that do

The affect is the transverse of the desire.

Focus on the prize
And lose the edge

Unlock the door
And let. it. go.

Not enough.

So many hands and eyes and voices offering their skin
What will she lose if she stays out of the cage?
What if she loses the best?

There always seems to be a sacrifice.