Friday, February 12, 2010

The game.

I build them. You tear them down.

Walking back into my life with an
arrogant step and a forceful hand.
You know that I cannot resist you.
And I don’t.

I don’t even try.
Because I don’t want to resist you.
I want you as much as you pretend to want me.
And you pretend to want me
as much as I pretend to not want you.

A stupid game.
But I play, because against my own instinct,
Against my very understanding of human nature,
I want to believe that you are what I think you are.
And I believe, with all my heart, that you are.

I’m in love with you.
I wish I weren’t.

Because then I could walk away.
But it is clear.

I can never walk away.

And you hurt me.
And I build walls.
And then I tear them down for you,
And let you walk right in
And hurt me again.

Because I have to believe in something.
And if not you, then what?