Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So Far Away

So far away.
So many moments
Without you.
So far away.
So many miles
Between us.

Hold my heart in your hands
Whisper the dreams and the streams
That we chase to the beach
And dive deep into the ocean.

Tailor this outfit for me
Leaving the plans and the sand
For those concerned in the circle
As we visit the king.

So far away.
Sleeping to speed
The moments.
So far away.
Sighing to close
The distance.

It's patterns and rhythms
Drown my breath with it's depth
And I move without thought
Through the changing days

My heart in your hands
Taking charge of the barge
We reject and are swallowed
Back into the trees.

So far away.
So far away.

1 comment:

c said...

ok that's it! You are coming with me! From here on out, it's you and me, "...strike a match, pour gasoline. Ditch the scene and watch this city burn."