Saturday, March 9, 2013


You welcomed me into your life because I was the type of person that you wanted to associate with, be associated with, and become.

You didn’t understand why I never despised your deficiencies to be accurately suitable in the eyes of those that did despise you.

You clung to my friendship and trusted me because you knew I would never turn my back on you, and I never did.

But you became what you set out to be, at least in appearance, and those that despised you once were so proud of your accomplishments.

And you welcomed their flattery and the feeling of success in a world you wanted so desperately to be a part of for so long.

I saw you change and I supported the changes you were making, but I wished that you had loved yourself the way I had seen you.

And you began to look down on me because I was no longer the type of person that you wanted to associate with, be associated with, or become.

You rose quickly in the ranks of etiquette and proper behavior as you learned the art of covering the flaws that make you human.

You clung to new friendships that were critical of you and put your energy into pleasing the people that would reject you if you didn’t.

And then you became critical of me and you judged me, and you wished that I would change with you, but I never did.

I didn’t realize any of this until the day I reminded you that I would never judge you for your choices just as I never had.

And you said angrily to me that I should have, perhaps feeling short-changed for my unwillingness to push you into a place we didn’t belong.

And now you justify your rejection of me as I express honestly where I am in the world and in my own mind.

And you say I’ve hurt you, because I have chosen to be honest about who I am and true to myself in everything that I do.

I guess it would hurt to have given up so much and turn to see that you didn’t ever have to give yourself up in the process.

But you did.

And now you despise me, just as you despised yourself so long ago.

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