Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nothing at all...

I wish the universe that expands inside my head
would just take a day to recognize that really

It's nothing at all.

I wish the world I see in overwhelming waves
would just settle down and let me breathe reality

Is nothing at all.

I wish my angels would sing a song of redemption for me
I wish the clouds would come and cover my aching heart
I wish each hearbeat would break my soul in such a way
That I have no other choice but to be normal.

I wish the things I think are damn important
would take a moment to show me that really

They're nothing at all.

I wish the tears I cry in quiet confinement
would dry up for eternity and prove once and for all

There is nothing, nothing, nothing!
And all of this

Is nothing at all.

I wish I wouldn't care about so many stupid things
I wish my mind could handle all of the thoughts in my head
I wish that people would stop trying to change me
I wish I knew how to love the people that don't.

The people that don't...

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