Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How Real

That’s what we share
Gliding over mountains
With the cold fresh air

How strong it is
The wind we’re in
How wildly thrilling
The current that spins

What we have to lose
Interlaced tightly
Tumbling softly through

How brash it is
The debris we’re in
How painfully chilling
The wounds on our skin

That’s what you are
Increasing the light
In the heart of my star

How real it is
The love we’re in
How quieting to have
A place to begin

The hope we invest
Radically frightened
Of the warmth in our chests

How daunting it is
The place we’re in
How frightening to think
Of returning again

1 comment:

jenscla said...

"Increasing the light
In the heart of my star"...did that take 100,000 years to reach the surface?