Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do You Know?

Do you know that I'm gonna love you forever?
I want my hand touching yours everyday.
I want to feel your heartbeat with my cheek
And I wanna be the one you trust.

Do you know that you'll make me sigh forever?
I want to kiss your shoulder everyday.
I want you to rest in my arms in the evening
And I want you to be the one I trust.

Do you know that your thoughts bring me closer to you?
I want to know how you feel everyday.
I want to know why you think what you do
And I want to fill the space of your needs.

Do you know that your words make me smile?
I want to read your handwriting everyday.
I want to hear your voice speaking and whispering
And I never wanna miss the chance to receive you.

Do you know that my fears won't last forever?
I want to share new ones with you everyday.
I want to tell you when the old ones go away
And I want to do it with our heads on the same pillow.

1 comment:

c said...

Man, this guy must be the luckiest boy in the whole world...assuming is a boy?