Monday, February 20, 2012

Say No

I don't feel like doing
What you want me to do anymore.
And I never said so before,
Because I didn't want to be
That glitch.

But it would seem my desire
To comply with your will
Was another way for me
To assess value to
A thing I fight to prove
To myself.

There are a lot of missing peices
That I'm looking for still.
And this one eluded me
For a very long time
But fits nicely in the empty space
It fills.

Letting go, saying no,
And learning to walk away.
Gems spilled in my hand
Placed in a soft velvet pouch
With a drawstring to keep
Them safe

All because someone decided
To take a moment to look
Beyond their own troubles
And be more than just someone
Just like everybody else

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