Monday, February 27, 2012

3 Ships

I saw three ships like wicks of steel 
Blazing from the glass dance floor of salt and sand
Concealing hulls of kerosene tied to my heart

Burning and churning in the salt wind
Yearning to drift further on and deeper still
With flits of fire extinguishing as it escapes

This love pulling fervently
With knots and ropes soaked with passion and desire
Making stronger the raging fire within me

Intertwined and inner-lined
Sinking distraction and diversion as it pulls me down
With the sea in my lungs I die to everything else.

Take me away with the flames of these ships
Toss me aside in the waves of their reflection
Turn me and press me further to make me yours.

Cradle me and all that I love
In the warm current of your obsession of affection
And drift with me and these three ships as we burn.

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