Thursday, February 9, 2012

Paint a Memory

Paint a memory with me
of a secret place
that stirs the senses.

Caverns to an underworld
of knowledge and warmth
like eyes that speak.

Magnetic force, like a kiss,
sharply drawing breath
and pulling at the chest.

Butter, warm and smooth;
soft and vibrant to the taste
like skin in the sun.

A striking hammer
like powerful hands
of strength and accuracy.

Syrup, poured over,
like a gift of laughter
tickling my mind.

Gasping steam filling the sky
like the breath of a lover,
hot and tantalizing.

Hustle, bustle and buzzing of movement
like the swell of a bruise
on your outer thigh.

A sunset, slowly drifting
like the soft collapse
of bodies beyond the horizon.

A place of dreams and fantasy
like a vapor of thought
vanishing before it can exist.

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