Sunday, August 5, 2012

I Hope You See

When you look into my eyes
I hope you see the bits of strength
That stand firm against the weaknesses.

I hope you see a vibrant fury
Licking the cold despondency
That held us coolly "secure".

When you look into my life
I hope you see encouragement
That in distress there is great merit.

I hope you see sweet surrender
Transferring the substance of strength
To things of greater value.

When you look into your heart
I hope you see great sacrifice
For the good of the people you love.

I hope you see wisdom in trial
Shaping the future of your path
Found against strokes of great strides.

When you remember this time
I hope you feel resoluteness
That reminds us what we are.

I hope you sense determination
Of integrity and virtue.
Always seeking higher plains.

When you think of your mother
I hope you always feel my love
In good times and in difficult times.

I hope you know you are everything
And I will do nothing but strive
For the strength of your courage.

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