Monday, June 4, 2012

The Sound of You Leaving

Soft rapping on your door.
"I'm glad you came back."
Sleepy eyes invite me in.
I quietly watch you pack.

The curtain waves inside.
Like a photograph.
The shower turns off.
Sadness, silent like glass.

Lips so soft and sweet.
Hearts heavy and torn.
Lightning bolts inside my skin.
Pillows on the floor.

Ferry rides to rainbow ends.
Where we fit. Where we belong.
An hour's drive to lunch.
All I want. You're the one.

So close. Don't let me go.
Breathing your breath. Holding your face.
"This is a nice goodbye."
Time to watch you drive away.

My lips press tightly together.
"I love you," on my phone.
Wiping tears before they fall.
There goes my ride home.


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