Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Alarm

Wake up sleeping body, it's a new day.
Stretch your legs to the edge of the mattress
As a tingle of excitement runs through them.
Arch your back and lift your arms
Allowing the current to run freely through.

Good morning sleepy thoughts, reality awaits.
Smile when you remember it hasn't been a dream
And this day offers more of that conflict.
Sigh as you recall how good and unlikely
These events have turned out to be.

Hello, Bright Eyes, the sky is your candy.
Blink in the sunlit room of temporal comfort
While basking in the warmth of another sort.
See a world that doesn't belong to you
While embracing one that has been given to you.

A gift; a warmth; a dream come true.
A peace; a current; a gentle pull.

Wake up
sleepy dreamer,
happy lover,
silly schemer,
wake up.

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