Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sweet Dissolution

This heart
Hand-laid of cobblestones;
Littered with falling leaves
Of a fiery hue.

Dampened with tears.
Cooled over time.
Dank, heavy, dense.

This heart
Built to withstand the ruts
Of a yielding foundation;
Designed to support
The trampling of hooves
And wooden spokes.

Unrelenting resistence.
Damaging the traveler.
Uneven, unaffected.

This heart
Slippery when wet;
Vulnerable when loved
So completely.

Grout of dissolution.
One rock at a time.
Persistent, incessant.

This heart
Disassembled gently
Of a tender determination;
Soaked in hot, wet tears
Of astonishment
And admiration.

Exposing the flesh
Radiating warmth
Beating, beating, beating.

This heart
Stripped, Revealed, Protected.

This heart
Trusting, trusting, trusting.

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