Friday, September 23, 2011

Teddy Bear 2

Your vacant eyes, teddy bear,
They stare into the depths
Of the breadth we breathe.

You're torn again, teddy bear
Too weak for your own sake
To be adored.

Your heart is too big, teddy bear,
It beats so loud
And disrupts the quiet air.

"Hush you, teddy bear,"
They whisper sternly filling
The empty space with scorn.

Your tender arms, teddy bear,
Always open; inviting;
Begging to be filled.

You're just a teddy bear.
Don't be so serious about
Your place on earth.

Remember this, teddy bear,
You will never heal the sick
Or be enough.

You are your own, teddy bear,
No one like you at all
For you to hold.

You were made, teddy bear,
To comfort, wipe the tears
And be discarded.

Go numb, teddy bear,
Let the sparkle fade away
And do your job.

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