Wednesday, February 16, 2011


You feel alone
So many want to read your heart
But you have been written in a
Language unknown

There is someone
Among the stars, written as you
Refusing to surrender the
Measure of none

No one can say
Why your mind expands beyond the
Limits of the Universe
And all it's faith

Only you must
Carve out the poison on your flesh
To deflate your story and be
Something like us

You are alone
Even those like you will protest
Themselves and refuse to reveal
The inner groan

Because they know
Peace does not rest in the battle
To become uniquely you but
In being sold.

You are unread
Fighting in vain to reveal the
Language of your heart and soul to be
Raised from the dead

It will take more
And every ounce of sanity
Sacrificed to the cause of what
You can't ignore

There is no place
For restless hearts like yours to rest
Or lean upon a moment of
Another's strength

So carry on
Unread, alone, unsupported
Unknown, rejected, resented
Until you are gone.

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