Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Wish I Were Special

I wish my qualities outweighed my weaknesses.
It would be nice if you stopped for a moment
Each time I passed you by and thought,
"That is something special."

I wish I could pull myself out of bed
Early in the morning and run for miles
And then stop and listen to the wind.
That would be something special.

I wish I could paint my dreams on the sky,
And then build a bridge to reach them
And bring them to where you could see
That I am something special.

I wish I could sing my songs to the world
And you would feel like I was singing just to you
And it made you smile because
I was something special.

I wish I could read your soul through your eyes
And see your heart through your words
And make you feel better
Cause I've got something special.

I wish you thought I was amazing
And would do anything for me
Because you knew the REAL me
And thought it something special

I wish I didn't want to feel special
And instead didn't care how special I was
Because then I would feel special
When you say I'm something special.

If one day you ever did.

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