Saturday, April 6, 2013


With solid stout and sullen shreiks
The questions faking fairies feet
Seem pointless in the pounding pleats
That doubt the dances with deceit

It's mine to mince and mull and make.
For sloths and salts and soils sakes
I don't deny the dainty dates
That blunder while the broil breaks

But where do weasels wish to walk
And how can tenants taste their talk
It is the hermits haste to halt
That fastens us with forced default

Be clear in all your careful casings
Delicate with diamond day strings
Sterilize the stamping bee stings
Cheer for all the chided chasings

And when the dreary days are done
Be free in all the frost of fun
Take lazy naps in lasting love
And bake the blankets for the buzz

Fail to forget its final flaw
But raise the rungs and rub them raw
Its loss in lacquered labor laws
Too drab to drink the way he draws

Relax refined old razor reasons
I'm lost in all the lover leave-ins
Carry on with colder creatins
I belong to better beacons

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