Friday, December 30, 2011

Crumble Elegantly

Somewhere, deep in the caves of my mind
I turned a corner on this one without knowing

She said.
She stared blankly into the air.

Suddenly I'm scared
And I don't like being scared.
So to combat this feeling
And the destruction that comes with it
I will let go.

She imagined a frail women
Smoking elegantly
Magnetic to the eye
Yet crumbling within.

Sometimes I am strong.
But sometimes I am weak.
And that has to be okay.

She considered this for a moment.

If it's not okay
Then walk away from me
Because I am what I am.

She trailed off.
She wished it weren't so.
Today she was weak.

I make things worse

She acknowledged.

I can take a delicately beautiful flower
And crush it in my haste to see it bloom

She closed her eyes
And willed the tears away.
She knew she must let go.

It's so hard to want something so much
And not tighten your grip around it.

She reflected.

I know better.

She knew.
But it didn't help.

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