Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pair of 2s

Hello heart.
I see that you are as helpless and fragile as ever.

I see that you have once again allowed
The dormant parasite to thrive under the deception
That its poison no longer affects you.

And yet, here you are; fighting
To be freed from the bondage the parasite offers
While craving the very same.

You are alone, simple heart. All alone.
Make no mistake, you will never be free from this bondage
Until you free yourself from all bondage.

See there? Some things are not so bad to bear up under, are they?

Self preservation demands a certain amount of
The tying of hands and surrendering ones will.
The best thing for those things is this and me is that and us are those…

Clearly; alone.

And you, fragile heart, will always be alone.
But you know that.

Still the fairy tale is much nicer, isn’t it?
Eating your cake and having it too,
well it just never works out that way, now does it.

Foolish heart. You have played the same game over and over again.
Your tell remains as contrasted to its environment as it ever was.
Your hand can’t win. But it’s not that you’re bluffing. No, not at all.
It’s that you never bothered to read the cards.

Yes, willingly naïve. Alone is all it can be.

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