Thursday, April 23, 2009

A House Divided

I have two voices whispering in my eyes.
I read what they've said on each of their signs.
One whisper good things. And so does the other.
They say the same thing, but they oppose one another.

It can't be. Both good?
Going different ways?
Somebody, somebody,
Somebody, please pray.

How can I listen to what I see
When what else I see entices me?
How can I hear what is being said,
When the other keeps preaching inside my head?

There are two worlds, fighting for my life.
One wants me to live, the other wants me dead.
Both make me smile, both cause me strife
The other's a loser, both of them said.

Which is which?
From here, it's hard to tell.
All I can see is two pieces of me.
Courting me, sweetly, into Hell.

And I love them both because I love me.
And I listen to them both say that I can be free.
But I know in my heart, that this cannot be.
God, open my eyes. Help me to see.

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